Saturday, 11 March 2017

Brushos, hearts, and beautiful words...

I love Brushos and have been working with them a lot for backgrounds. But I wondered what they might be like used with some of Visible Image's beautiful quotes and words... and these are the results:

Really simple yet beautiful effects, they took a little practice, but so worth it in the end
For this beautiful Brusho heart I folded a piece of thin card in half and cut out a heart shape, which I discarded. I then laid the stencil over a piece of mixed media card (I use Daler Rowney) and spritzed lightly into the shape. Then I added tiny shakes of my Brushos, using four colours. Some of the powder popped instantly, it's like a mini fireworks display on your card, others needed a spritz of water to set it, and I watched the results with baited breath. 

It's a learning experience, I must say. A few went in the bin because I over spritzed, or I didn't like the colours. If in doubt, go easy on the powders, and dry gently with a heat gun between applications...just lay your paper stencil back over. 

I found the second card much easier. If you are lucky enough to have cut a perfect heart out of your first stencil, then use that as a mask. Place it over a new piece of mixed media paper and gently spritz around it. Tiny shakes of powder - I used lots of different colours here - create an outline 'halo' for the heart.

I will just share with you my sequin fetish! I was very pleased to read in my new card making magazine today that sequins are really on-trend right now! They are my go-to embellishment of the moment,so  it's good to be a trend setter!

AND FINALLY...the words!!!
Beautiful words, put together by Helen and Mark Alexander of Visible Image, Helen's ideas and Mark's attention to detail and font, even down to quirky idiosyncratic typewriter 'errors', make for beautiful stamps that echo our thoughts exactly. 
You can buy these two stamps, and MANY more incredible sentiments from Visible Image
Click here for the Creativity stamp and here for the Love you Longer stamp. Both are beautiful, and the love you longer just chokes me....
Do not adjust your sets...with some clever tweaks, Mark has purposefully overlaid some of the letters, as was the way of ageing typewriters. I inked this sentiment in three colours - shades of blue and purple distress ink so that there are different bursts of colour in it. 

This Creativity stamp does come in two parts, but I kept them quite close together. As the type was not as clear over the coloured background, I got my white gel pen out and outlined some of the letters, just make them more distinct. Again, Mark does not just 'make' stamps...take a closer look and appreciate how EVERY random splat or dot has been purposefully designed and positioned! Love it!!!

Thanks for dropping by today, I hope you're inspired, or if you have inspiration for me - I'm always learning! - drop me a note in the comments telling me where to look!!! 

Helen, Mark and the Visible Image Design Team are showcasing all the new stamps from the February release, so be sure not to miss out by liking and following their facebook pages, accessible via the following links:

And don't forget to add the following to your apps!

Happy Crafting
Nicky x

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  1. Great cards Nicky....fab results with the have showcased Mark's cool words beautifully. I especially love the white masked one...those colours just pop! I totally agree re sequins...I started using them on some of my Valentine cards for Dotty's and now I just can't stop....a bit of an addiction but they also make cards easier to post than using gems which always seem to push throught the envelope! Have a great Sunday, hugs xx