Saturday, 16 July 2016

Craftwork Cards Boutique Floral Launch

Well what an exciting day it was on Thursday. The Design Team worked to a tight deadline to prepare the samples for Julie's shows on Create and Craft and WOW - the set looked totally gorgeous! I was so lucky to be able to work with this stunning kit, totally inspiring and so hard to walk away from - the spare bits from one card literally led me into an idea for the next one! 

Here are some of the cards and creations I prepared for the show, a quick explanation for each too!

These crates are so simple to assemble, I made the tags from scraps of paper and the gorgeous stamps, but the large book of tags compliment them perfectly too. I added a few treats to the crates, I wonder if they made it to the second show?!

My tag card, or garland, as Andy referred to it. The tags are joined together by little hinges of card, nothing more complicated than that. I used my computer to make the letter outlines which I then printed onto the papers ( I made sure I did just the letters I needed and hardly used any paper at all) then I decorated with ribbons, bows, and some punched flowers from the papers. 
Can you imagine how gorgeous this would be with a child's name on it? Or a lady for that matter! 

I wanted to show how to get the best out of the double sided papers so I got my old compass out and remembered a trick I learned in school. 

Draw your circle, do not adjust your compass and place the point anywhere on the edge of your circle. If you then swing the pencil round and make a mark where it touches the edge of the circle you are EXACTLY one sixth of the way round. Repeat this until you get back to the start, then with a craft knife, cut three careful lines from edge to edge across the middle point, and carefully fold back. You have a star!!!

Same trick for this card - only I wanted to keep it all the dreamy caramel colour. You wouldn't know it came from the same set of papers! I used the stamp to make some corner flowers and had some very useful white card candi to finish off!

A tag, a postcard, a bit of backing paper and a bow. And some pearls. Literally - a card in minutes! I used my craft knife just to cut round the flower detail on the tag, it just gives it an extra touch, and maximises the prettiness!
The pink paper with the white love love! I used two sheets (with a bit of scrap left over for other projects) for this, but it's just a simple twist on an easel card. I cut along a whole border (it doesn't have to be perfect, as it's pink on pink, but it's easy cutting anyway!) and scored maybe 1cm from the straight edge. I put thin DS tape along just this edge, and once I'd worked out where I wanted the stopper to be, I stuck it down and covered the join, almost up to the scored line, with another rectangular piece, cut to about 6 x 2 1/2 inches. I was amazed that although they don't match, they just flow and it looks like the flowers are growing up the card! This would look stunning with some of the brighter flowery papers in the kit. If you try it will you share it please!  

Credit for the idea for this card must go to my lovely American pal Deb, who made a gorgeous tag card in this style for a challenge. So simple to achieve with scraps of paper matted on white card, and the flowers and sentiment are from the stamps too. The actual flowers and leaves were the diecut ones from the kit, that you can stamp onto.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my cards!
I can't wait to see them popping up on the cardmaking pages when the kits start arriving! Have fun!

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