Thursday, 14 April 2016

I had a bee in my bonnet

Sometimes you just dream of crafty things....well I do at least! The other day I had a vision of black and yellow stripes and bees, so I had to make something up with them ( good job I'm on holiday at the moment!)
So this is what happened...

For this one I got the tapestry stamps out again, and having cut my shapes from the Tonic Studios Twisting Veranda die set, I did my stamping, finally adding a few little bees from a random little stamp set I forgot I had. A slight waft of pale blue pan pastel round the edges brought the colours all together...
This card came about as I found yet more bees in a different set of stamps, and I literally just randomly stamped them on pieces of card cut to size to fit this centre stepper card. A drop of yellow watercolouring was all they needed to bring them to life, then I thought to stamp a few extra on spare card, and dot them over the central topper.
I was quite buzzing when I'd finished these!

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  1. Hi Nicky
    Congratulations on your new blog! The bee cards are B🐝utiful (couldn't resist that one lol!).
    Hugs x