Saturday, 12 August 2017

You are tough - Visible Image

Here is my Saturday inspiration for Visible Image using the beautiful and striking Face It stamps and mask, and also, you will see I have used the quote from Life can be tough - but in a bit of a chopped up way. 

I like looking at text stamps and seeing what you can do with them - in this case I got my scissors out and physically cut them apart, so that they looked like this:
By doing this, I was able to create myself a whole new sentence, which you will see repeated throughout the piece of work:
Look carefully and you will also see that I have added a stamp from the Visometry set, and also the fabulous crackle from Create It too - just to add a little depth. Once I'd used my separated sentiment, I simply stuck it all back together again on my acetate backing, ready for being used in full on a future project. 

Take a look at your stamps and quotes, and see what else you can make up with them! 

And while you're thinking about it, you might want to take a look at the Visible Image Summer Sale!!! As if you need an excuse to buy more awesome stamps....

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Happy crafting!


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