Sunday, 2 April 2017

This is not a cake box...!

But it uses all the a card of course!

I decided to make a stepper card using the rectangular and triangular panels from the Cake Slice Box Die Set, and this is how I did it.

To make the stepper I trimmed down a piece of A4 white card to 25x15.5cm. 
Then I did some scoring and cutting. This was the template I made...
The blue lines are score lines, the red lines are cut lines. I used a Hougie board and craft knife and glass mat for those parts.

  • The side score lines are 4.5cm long at each side. It might help to draw a faint pencil line at 4.5cm from each edge to see where to score up to. Then score at 2.5cm, 5cm, and 15cm from the edge.
  • Score a separate line at 12.5cm but only across the middle of the card, this is your tent fold at the top of the card. 
  • Use a craft knife to cut from the top score to the bottom score at each side.
Then gently fold into place like the picture above: The side panels are mountain - valley - mountain. 

Before you tighten the scored lines with a bone folder, use the rectangular lacy panel to cut into the two side panels:
You will see they are a snug fit, this is why I measured the card to be this shape. Then sharpen your folds with a bone folder.
  • I stuck a red piece of card 12x15cm onto the back inside the card, to best show off the lacy pattern, and a 2cm strip of red across the front to match. 
  • I then cut two triangles in white and black card, and die-cut the detail into the black card. 
  • I also put some small pieces of red through the die-cutting machine and used the flower cuts to paper-piece back into the triangular panels.
  • A simple matching sentiment covered the joins in the triangles
  • Black Nuvo drops were just right to put centres into the flowers and add a bit of detail to the bottom of the step. 
Thanks for dropping by to read this, it's much appreciated!
Happy Crafting!
Nicky x

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