Thursday, 12 January 2017

Pampered Pets? Craftwork Cards and I know all about that!

Hooray for the first new Craftwork Cards Launch of 2017 - The Pampered Pets Collection. I have been so excited about this one since we first discussed the concept among our Design Team in July last year, and at last, the product goes out LIVE on Create and Craft today, Thursday 12th January. 

Included in the collection are delightful double sided papers in an 8 x 8 inch pad, as modeled beautifully by the lovely Martha.
I did some wrapping of the papers round a pencil and made straws, which I cut down to 4cm long each (so I got 5 pieces out of each straw I made.) The double sided papers gave me lots of patterns and colours to choose from. 

 Then I lined them up and stuck them down onto a 7x7 inch piece of grey board, with our family favourite picture of Martha Cockapoo in the middle. 

The extra embellishments were created using the fabulous stamps designed in-house by Chloe, which you can get with the collection, there is one set of cats and one of dogs, and I 'cockapooed' the cute fluffy one to make our little lady. 

This is a pop-up card I created with the papers from the Pampered Pets Collection Kit, and a few favourite stamps too.

 The die-cut embellishments with cats and dogs, again, beautifully illustrated by Chloe from Craftwork Cards, are perfect for popping straight out and onto cards, but I cut round this happy duo and had a bit of a play. 
You can see from this picture above that I created a middle section for the inside of the card, by scoring two matching pieces and sticking them together. This guaranteed that my little kennel shape, which I cut out myself, would stand upright when the card was fully open, and I simply decorated round it. 

I used a lovely tree from the Craftwork Cards Mulberry Tree stamping set, and something rather cute for the leaves...can you see?

I made a little 2cm deep pop-up mount for my doggies, to bring them forward from the kennel, as you can see in this next picture:

(I added a spot of velcro to attach the kennel to the back of the card, and if you pull it open that's where a message can be written!)

 So the whole card from the front, with the trees up, looks like this:
But when you close it, and seal it with a little wrap made from one of the borders and sentiment toppers from the kit, you get this:

and it all fits in a C6 envelope!

There are oodles of papers, toppers and sentiment toppers to play with in the kit, and I shall share more over the next few days. 
The shows are on Create and Craft at 9am and 1pm Thursday 12th January, so don't miss them, or find them on their 'catch up' for 7 days. There will be an abundance of cuteness, that's for sure!!

Happy Crafting

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