Friday, 12 August 2016

Butterflies, fans, and Craftwork Cards

A little bit of inspiration for the stunning papers from the Craftwork Cards Antiqued and Chinoiserie collection, which I had the pleasure of working with for the shows last week. After playing with them, stroking, and moving them around I started folding them! Although it is very easy with a scoring board that has the 5mm scoring lines on, like a Hougie board, for example, you could also just measure and pleat - it took me right back to school days when we used to make our own fans, but why not! They are beautiful and a perfect embellishment for the papers!
Taking the pleating a step further, I remembered that I'd learned to make butterflies too, years ago, and I had forgotten how easy they are!
You need only a small piece of your chosen paper. This piece of paper measures approximately 10 x 14 cms but play with sizes and shapes. Fold it in half and draw or cut two curved shapes - again, experiment with them, they could be soft or more angular lines. Open it up, and score and pleat away!

Wrap a bit of crafting wire, ribbon or thread around the centre and fan your butterfly! I use large sticky pads to adhere them to the card to keep the shape.

From the Antiqued collection, I used one of the most subtle papers and made my butterflies (I cut two at the same time to have exactly the same size) and added a touch of distress ink to really make the pleats stand out.
for more ideas and inspiration on how to use your fabulous  papers go  Pinterest
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Happy crafting!
Nicky x

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