Friday, 10 June 2016

Dainty Tonic Christening Card

I have been desperate to try to make a card in this style, I wanted the detail in the paneling to be the focus of the card, nothing behind, just panel....and I just about managed it! 

This easel card is made from a blank cut from Twisting Veranda. First I made the blank, overlapping the crease of the cardstock. Then I made a front panel in full, cutting out the next layer down so that it was open. 
Top Left: I had to extend the Sunflower Array panel a little. This was easier than I'd anticipated as you just feel the groove! Top right - I cut the panel to the same size as the card 'front'. You can see it just fits with an overlap of a bit of white, but this was good as I put that bit at the top and it looked neater. (see Bottom Right) Remember to only adhere your front (in this case just the frame edge) to the lower half of the easel base so that it folds and props properly! 

I made another bit of paneling to fill the base. My brainwave was to use a bit of ribbon to make the stopper (I have left room for personalisation) and finished off with the beautiful Elegant Font

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Thanks for looking, Nicky xx

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