Sunday, 12 June 2016

Butterflies in a box - Craftwork Cards

From the fabulous Craftwork Cards USB using Botanica papers - All the papers in this card were printed by me, meaning very little waste and A LOT of control over what I used!
There's more to this card than meets the eye...
From the front it's a 10x10cm little thing tied with a bow...

From behind, there's a little space for your message, and a little velcro fastening for good measure (not necessary but I found some velcro so I wanted to play!)

So...what's inside?
Open up the card and it splays out to reveal a host of pretty papers, all just stuck down with light pva glue.

How to do it? EASY! 

1. Look at the base - it's 20x20cm. ( NOTE this card can be made any size as long as your starter square is divisible by 4 - eg. 24cm, 28 cm, 12 inches...) 

2. Score diagonally corner to corner, straight down the middle, and then at 5 and 15cms down (or up) to the diagonal lines. (for larger cards just scale up the measurements)

3. Fold your diagonals as valleys from the centre, BUT fold the four top corner squares as valleys too, forcing the top sections of the diagonals into mountain folds -  a bit of gentle teasing and it's easy! 

4. Your central vertical fold is a mountain fold, and you can tease the whole thing into a pointy arrow shaped 'book'

5. Make a 'cover' with a flap for fastening, if you wish (it's not needed, it just adds to the finish, you could easily just add ribbon to the front and back before you decorate.Stick your cover to the front and back of the card, I DO measure and extra 0.5 cm and double score to make it close neater, as it gets a bit thick, once folded, this card!

And then just cut your papers to size and decorate away to your heart's content! 

I even made a few little shapes and triangles out of spare bits of paper to decorate the top and bottom ( you see it when you open the card) It took minutes but just finished it off, I think!

A bit of glitter glue in all the right place, of course! And a couple of hand cut flowers just to finish the front. 
A very happy birthday card which has just winged its way to a very special friend of mine 

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Thanks for looking, any questions, please ask in comments and I'll answer as quick as I can!
Nicky x

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  1. This is fabulous! I love the USBs! Thanks for sharing, I'm def going to give this a go , Jayne x