Friday, 27 May 2016

One splatty mess, three cards!

Just a quickie today - experimenting with backgrounds using acrylic paints. I made lots of splats and swirls on an area roughly 10x7 inches on my glass mat, and in turn pressed in 
1. A sheet of plain white card
2. a sheet of clear acetate
3. after a quick spritz with a bit of water, another piece of plain white card.
And here are the results - of course, the AMAZING cassette stamp and accompanying text (so true!) are available to buy from Visible Image !
1. A lovely rich, textured splatter pattern
A translucent  mottled effect on the acetate
a much paler less discernible pattern, but perfect for adding swirls and extras!
And that is how I made three backgrounds for this fun and fab stamp!

Even better, that's 3 family and friends birthdays sorted! I love writing a personal message on the tape. Takes me right back....!
Thanks for stopping by
Nicky xx

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