Sunday, 15 May 2016

My never ending card

Well...I'd always fancied having a go at one of these. It's a card, which, once the four parts of the base are stuck together in a certain way, and the folds are scored, you can literally turn inside out, round and just seems to go on for ever! A bit like decorating it...unless the job is made easy with this stunning set of papers from Craftwork Cards, their Chalkboard collection. Not so easy to find these days but a gorgeous set of papers I got from Create and Craft last year, and have had hours of fun mixing and matching.

As you open up the card it exposes all the different layers and arrangements - from a crafty point of view you just have to remember which way is UP and then just cut and stick to your heart's content!

Flip up, flip down and you get a new view - in this case I wanted to include the bicycle, and the only way was to split it in half...but even that worked better than I'd hoped
The 'back' view...
It's a very clever bit of paper engineering! it stands up perfectly yet flips around with ease - I'm so glad I had a go - I used instructions from the latest Crafters Companion Summer '16 magazine, but there are dozens of templates on the web - look for 'infinity cards' or 'never ending cards'.

I filmed a little video of me having fun with it, it's on my facebook page and unfortunately I can't move it to over here so.....

To see my card in motion click here!

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