Saturday, 28 May 2016

Craftwork Cards - My happy day!

A card to celebrate joining the Craftwork Cards Design Team, created entirely from papers from the fabulous new USB stick, (currently only available from Create and Craft) Botanical Garden, using only papers from the Vintage Rose collection. What beautiful papers they are!
I managed to print up everything I needed onto just 5 sheets of A4, including, for this project I had in mind, one double sided sheet which I've tried to show in this photo. I just printed the design I wanted on one side, and fed the paper back through the printer to get the other side!
I LOVE the flexibility that this USB stick gives you to do this 

So....what  did I do with the double sided paper....?
I placed a roll of tape in the middle and drew round it.
Then I used a knife and metal ruler to score 3 lines across to make a 6 pointed star. I did it freehand but you could measure it, or make a hexagon template to get your even points.
When you carefully fold back your points (and it's at this stage that you can balance out any imperfections), you get THIS....
So pretty and so very easy!!!!
If you wanted (and it might be easier for measuring) you could do an 8-pointed star
.But look what happens when you put another bit of contrasting paper behind
 - and build up the card from there.....

Just one more pic to share - it was only as I finished the card that I realised where my inspiration for this card had come from....
My card matched my mug of tea ha ha!!!!

Thanks very much for looking! Nicky xx

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